Sunday, May 25, 2014

Ode to New Jersey

things I like about New Jersey that I missed in California...close proximity to NYC, daffodils and irises



loudmouths, diners, 

 buildings made of bricks, 

no hipsters,

 change of the seasons, 

green grass with dandelions in it, 

the ravine,

old ladies who have their hair done just to run errands, 

Babe's taxi sign in Fort Lee NJ which reminds me of Babe Ruth and the yankees, small town political rivalries, 
Fort Lee, NJ Italian Saint Rocco parade

 the Mets logo on shirts, comic book shops with less emphasis on Tolkien and more on DC and Marvel, everyone walking their kids to school,

 driving across the George Washington Bridge, buying good sweaters in the thriftshops but window shopping at Henri Bendels and Bergdorf Goodmans and Trash and Vaudeville, 

nut vendors on Canal Street, old bars in Manhattan, Broadway casts - wait I'm talking about New York now

All photos c 2014 by Rebecca G. Wilson

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