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Gossip Goddess Janet Charlton interview 2011

Gossip Goddess Janet Charlton


with Rebecca G. Wilson


I first read Janet Charlton's gossip column in the Star years ago and became a big fan of her writing and observations of the Hollywood showbiz scene.  I caught up with her recently and asked her some questions.

My enquiring mind wanted to know!

RGW: What do you think of National Enquirer finally getting some respect after having broken the John Edwards' mistress scandal story last year?

Janet Charlton: I've always loved the National Enquirer because they dig up stories we'd never hear about, if it weren't for them. They've brought down more than one politician and John Edwards really deserved it. What would we DO without tabloids?

RGW: I noticed that you are the first reporter to mention the link between David Carradine and Scientology. Why do you think other media outlets ignored this important tidbit?

Janet Charlton: I leap on every opportunity to make Scientology look bad - I have a lot of contempt for cults.

RGW:  When you first moved to Los Angeles, was it to act or be in showbiz yourself?

Janet Charlton: I moved to LA to open an ultrahip clothing store on Sunset Strip called The Garment District. That's how I met a lot of celebrities and started writing. Fashion was my life.

RGW: Did you study journalism and or writing at college?

Janet Charlton: I studied journalism and advertising at Northwestern Graduate School. I got a bachelor's degree in psychology.

RGW: Psychologists are finally saying gossip serves a purpose in keeping society functioning smoothly. Do you think gossip is like a good joke in that it helps let off steam? What do you think of people who hate gossip and think it's sinful? I guess what I'm saying is what is the difference between good and bad gossip to you?

Janet Charlton: I've always believed gossip is very healthy - it's a basic and necessary way for people to communicate. The word gossip has a bad reputation but it can actually be quite positive.

RGW: Which actors and actresses come to mind that look simply amazing in person (even better than on camera?)

Janet Charlton: I think Charlize Theron is amazing, Jennifer Aniston is really cute - I'd like to see Rob Pattinson in person.

RGW: I love that you owned a boutique. Who are some of your fave past and present designers? Betsey Johnson? Do you watch the Fashion Show with Isaac Mizrahi and Kelly Rowland? I LOVE it!

Janet Charlton: Designers: Certainly Betsey Johnson, Gaultier, Margiela, Comme Des Garcons, Undercover (Japan). Currently I'm totally into Japanese fashion. I love all the reality design shows, and I think Isaac Mizrahi is really fun, but I don't consider Kelly Rowland a fashion expert in any way.

RGW: What did you think of Hollywood gossip columnists of yesteryear -- Hedda Hopper and Louella Parsons?

Janet Charlton: Hedda and Louella were fabulous! Everybody in Hollywood buttered them up with lavish gifts at Christmas. They lived like queens. But I felt they were a little too judgmental.

RGW: What do you think of people complaining about aggressive papparazzi all the time? Are they really that bad or just photograpers trying to make a living in tough times?

Janet Charlton: I love the paparazzi but I know a few of them can be rude and spoil it for the rest. Most of them are hardworking decent people. Gossip writers couldn't live without them! Granted, there are more of them than ever before, but putting up with them is part of being a star.

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