Friday, December 29, 2017

NYC Street Style Photo Blog Fall/Winter 2017

lots of applique jackets this fall

These stylish Asian women were in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Buffalo Exhange 14th Street store salesgirl
Nedra salesgirl at Buffalo Exchange 23rd Street shop

14th Street

Lower East Side mural street art of famous photo of Gil Scott Heron. My friend Mimi Little was his assistant for years.

My sons in Greenwich Village

loved her wide leg trousers bohemian chic

More applique chic! Columbus Circle

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Carriage Horses of NYC 2017

I have fond memories of the carriage horses of NYC from throughout my life. A sweet sixteen carriage ride through Central Park in the 80s. Seeing them on outings in Central Park when I was a little girl. I photographed many horses this year and they all seemed well loved and looked after.

And last a photo of me and my sons taken by the very kind horse carriage driver Joe pictured above. He is from Ireland and is standing with his lovely well cared for horse Blackie.