Friday, January 10, 2014

Laura and Pixi - from busking in Devizes to onstage at the Barbican in London!

A video I made when Dave and I were walking around Devizes, England in December of 2013. We caught Laura Howe's and Pixi Morgan's act. The first song 'Jonathan the Dinosaur' was written by Pixi Morgan. She has pipes like Janis Joplin, he sounds like a pirate Tom Waits. They are GREAT!

After Dave thought about it, he contacted them via facebook and asked them to open for him at the Barbican Center in London. They did a fantastic job doing many traditional covers and original songs. They have a charm like the Pogues and some say Pixi sounds like the singer from the Dubliners.

Dave congratulating Laura and Pixi after their great Barbican performance!

Laura Howe and Pixi Morgan onstage at the Barbican in London 2014 - photo by Rebecca G Wilson