Thursday, February 9, 2023

Why Burt Bacharach was one of my favorite composers

 The song ‘Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head’ reminds me so much of my childhood and going to see Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid film in a theater with my mother and my brother in the early 70s. This song was in the soundtrack. 

Burt Bacharach music was everywhere in the audio of my childhood in stores in the local Woolworths on the corner where we lived on the upper east side of Manhattan. Also I heard his songs in movie soundtracks on TV shows and specials, and then I remember finding out he was married to Angie Dickinson. I loved her show Police Woman and the photos of her with Burt Bacharach looked so California glamourous. 

I revisited his music in the 90s after I outgrew my pessimistic punk rock phase and my roommate at the time Gregg Turkington turned me onto the record ‘casino royale’. Dusty Springfield’s smoky phrasing captivated me on the Look of Love track and the instrumental songs were upbeat and catchy. it took me years later, to connect the dots and realize that the same guy had composed all these great songs (usually with Hal David or Carol Bayer Sager) that I loved. He really is one of my favorite composers. I would follow his career when he popped up in the news and like all of us his life was imperfect, the fairytale marriage with Angie Dickinson crumbled and years later their daughter committed suicide. 

He may have been rich and famous with preternatural talent for songwriting but clearly felt pain as deeply as the rest of us. I believe his optimism in the face of it was sincere. He went on to remarry and have other children and vowed to never retire from making music. In his last interview he said keep the music playing. rest in peace Burt Bacharach.

Friday, November 6, 2020

Rest In Peace Bambi Lake

 Rest In Peace #BambiLake 

who I first met when she sang at the Paradise Lounge in San Francisco in the 90s - we used to talk about her amazing life playing shows in Berlin where she met #DavidBowie (she would call him Booey) I’ll never forget her cover of Wild is the Wind standing onstage in a floor length sequin dress. She often spoke of her fondness for her friend fellow singer @gingercoyoteofficial and how much she loved @punkglobe for documenting the music scene - lots of #punkrock guys had crushes on Bambi - she was witty and didn’t suffer fools gladly and how wonderful is @mxviv ‘s cover of Bambi’s tenderloin ballad the Golden Age of Hustlers - who could forget the night Bambi tried to storm the White Trash Debutantes’ stage and sing? Never a dull moment to be sure. I snapped this Polaroid in 1994 when Bambi was working on her autobiography - Ginger was the first to let us know that Bambi was ill and thank you for letting me say goodbye - I know she cherished her long dear friendship with her and others like musician Baba drummer from #thezeros and Gail the singer from #PennsylvaniaMahoney and @gerefennelly who accompanied her on piano 🎹

Friday, December 29, 2017

NYC Street Style Photo Blog Fall/Winter 2017

lots of applique jackets this fall

These stylish Asian women were in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Buffalo Exhange 14th Street store salesgirl
Nedra salesgirl at Buffalo Exchange 23rd Street shop

14th Street

Lower East Side mural street art of famous photo of Gil Scott Heron. My friend Mimi Little was his assistant for years.

My sons in Greenwich Village

loved her wide leg trousers bohemian chic

More applique chic! Columbus Circle

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Carriage Horses of NYC 2017

I have fond memories of the carriage horses of NYC from throughout my life. A sweet sixteen carriage ride through Central Park in the 80s. Seeing them on outings in Central Park when I was a little girl. I photographed many horses this year and they all seemed well loved and looked after.

And last a photo of me and my sons taken by the very kind horse carriage driver Joe pictured above. He is from Ireland and is standing with his lovely well cared for horse Blackie.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Saturday, January 7, 2017

London / England Style Blog December 2016

Photos I snapped in December of what caught my eye, architecture, stylish folks on the tube and out and about London town and Wiltshire county....

Hannah Moss - model and salesgirl at Poundland

The famous art deco Hoover factory that Elvis Costello sang about it getting converted into apartments.

One of my favorite songs by Elvis Costello
stylish friends outside of the Natural History Museum London - I hope they were wearing fake fur!

stylish evening commuters on the tube - love the ripped jeans and that she was reading a Zadie Smith novel

tube rider wearing an enamel David Bowie brooch
We enjoyed a delicious crunchy cakey at the Natural History Museum restaurant. It was full of malt and m&m's and sprinkles and lots of chocolate!

whimsical ceramics by Woodland Factory from a shop in East Finchley London

D & me in front of a fun shop window - he's got the biggest & most beautiful blue eyes evah!

another fab holiday window display with a skirt made out of pine tree branches and ornaments

inside one of my favorite shops in London - it's called TIGER and sells lots of crafting supplies, toys and doodads
a glam phone in a boutique

Some great kneehigh fox socks by Powder that I purchased.

Powder socks window display