Saturday, January 7, 2017

London / England Style Blog December 2016

Photos I snapped in December of what caught my eye, architecture, stylish folks on the tube and out and about London town and Wiltshire county....

Hannah Moss - model and salesgirl at Poundland

The famous art deco Hoover factory that Elvis Costello sang about it getting converted into apartments.

One of my favorite songs by Elvis Costello
stylish friends outside of the Natural History Museum London - I hope they were wearing fake fur!

stylish evening commuters on the tube - love the ripped jeans and that she was reading a Zadie Smith novel

tube rider wearing an enamel David Bowie brooch
We enjoyed a delicious crunchy cakey at the Natural History Museum restaurant. It was full of malt and m&m's and sprinkles and lots of chocolate!

whimsical ceramics by Woodland Factory from a shop in East Finchley London

D & me in front of a fun shop window - he's got the biggest & most beautiful blue eyes evah!

another fab holiday window display with a skirt made out of pine tree branches and ornaments

inside one of my favorite shops in London - it's called TIGER and sells lots of crafting supplies, toys and doodads
a glam phone in a boutique

Some great kneehigh fox socks by Powder that I purchased.

Powder socks window display

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  1. Love the socks! How cute are those? I have to agree about Dave's eyes they are dreamy blue. My hubby's eyes are dreamy blue as well. ❤